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PETITION: Sean Lamont to dye his hair blonde and wear orange gloves for final game

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One of Scottish Rugby’s most capped and beloved players, Sean Fergus Lamont, is retiring from professional rugby at the end of the season.

To honour the occasion, we’d like him to recreate his classic look of peroxide blonde hair with orange gloves for his final game against Edinburgh on the 6th of May.

Despite promising he’d[read more=”Click to keep reading” less=”Read Less”]never retire voluntarily, the dashing old warhorse has decided to call it a day.

He will bow out of the sport having achieved a great number of feats for Scotland, including lifting the Calcutta Cup, playing for Scotland 105 times, representing Scotland at the Commonwealth Games (twice), winning the Famous Grouse Player of the Season award 2007 and posing in the nude for Dieux du Stade’s infamous calendar.

At club level has played for Rotherham Titans, Northampton Saints, the Scarlets and has turned out over 100 times for his beloved Glasgow Warriors – for whom he helped win the PRO12 Final in 2015.

Despite many looks over the years (who could forget the Strauss rip-off beard) he’s best remembered by older fans for his debut season shocker – that of spiky peroxide blonde hair and day-glo orange gloves.

He inspired countless young fans to follow suit, leading to a spate of hideously clashing orange and yellow blurs across pitches from Oban or Aberdeen. There are club and class pictures missing from 2004-2007 that can’t be shown for fear of blindness/shame (you did that Sean).

Because of this crime against retinas, we believe that he needs, nay owes it to us, to bring back that noughties favourite for the fondest of farewells and the greatest of rivalries – the 1872 Cup on the 6th of May.

It seems apt that Scotland’s oldest club fixture, revitalised in the year of his blonde Scotland regular breakthrough, be the moment Scotland’s oldest pro player (sorry) is also revitalised in resplendent yellow and orange.

He has given us so much over the years, from his trademark pirouettes and electrifying tries, to his never say die attitude and insatiable passion for both club and country. But we, his ever demanding fans, ask one last parting gift: please peroxide your hair and wear orange gloves for us on the 6th of May.

We also ask that your ever-patient wife Gemma also get behind this and forgive us the inevitable migraines it will undoubtedly cause – safe in the knowledge that it will grow out and you will get the sexiest man in Scottish rugby back to yourself, for good.

This petition will be delivered to: Sean Lamont on the 5th of May 2017

Don’t forget to share this far and wide with the hashtag #BackingBlonde

All details shared will remain private and will not be shared with any 3rd parties other than the recipient Sean Lamont.


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