BREAKING: Edinburgh Rugby Announce Move From Murrayfield To Myreside


Edinburgh rugby have today announced that, in partnership with George Watson’s College, they will be moving to Myreside from BT Murrayfield in January 2017 with a view to establishing a long term home for the capital side.

Myreside Pitch

The relocation will be music to the ears of many an Edinburgh fan who has been forced to endure the soulless atmosphere of a near empty Murrayfield for far too long and have gazed enviously across the M8 to rivals Glasgow Warriors and their more manageable Scotstoun home.

[blockquote author=”PRO12 Managing Director Martin Anayi” pull=”normal”]“There seems to be real momentum within the club to continue to build their legacy, put roots down and create their own unique atmosphere for fans to enjoy.”[/blockquote]


Many supporters will already know the ground well having hosted Edinburgh games in the past and being home to Watsonians Rugby Club. Estimates of the exact capacity seem to fluctuate, but with temporary stands in situ it should be able to accommodate between 5,000 and 8,000 fans, which would put it on a par with Scotstoun.

Whether or not Myreside has the infrastructure at present to host televised games and accommodate big crowds remains to be seen, but with the move 8 months away you’d assume these questions are being considered and plans are in place.

[blockquote author=”Edinburgh Managing Director John Petrie” pull=”normal”]“This is about building a strong future for the club at a home ground in the city that better suits our needs and improves the matchday experience for fans and players alike.”[/blockquote]

George Watson’s College have implied that there will be some redevelopment of the facilities saying “The School’s plans for the campus will shortly be finalised and the partnership with Edinburgh Rugby will help us to achieve our aspirations”, but it looks like we’ll have to wait to see the exact make-up of Edinburgh’s new home.

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UPDATE: Jon Petrie has written to fans giving more details behind the move and the future of the club. Read the full letter here

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Photo credit: George Watson’s College

What do you think about the move? Will this help the atmosphere and, in turn, the performances on the pitch? Let us know in the comments below.


  1. It would be great if this plan could be taken further in due course to build a new stand opposite the existing that would contain Edinburgh Rugby’s admin and training base; then it would be a new home.

  2. About blinking time! It must be a massive psychological disadvantage for the Edinburgh Rugby (official) players to run out to a virtually empty stadium! ~6000 folk in a 68000 capacity stadium…only in Scotland!

    • Not only in Scotland. It happens here in Australia with the rugby league. The NRL (national rugby league ) makes clubs play at ANZ stadium which holds 82,000 people. Some games only attract a maximum of 10,000 it looks terrible.

  3. Slightly concerned about the lack of parking around there (and general transport). Edinburgh do need a smaller venue though, no doubt about that, the games at Meggetland had a great atmosphere.

  4. Myreside is a good option, would certainly help the atmosphere, transport could be a bit of an issue with a distinct lack of parking.

    With the SRU taking back full use of the back pitches I had wondered if a smaller set of stands at Murrayfield much have been in the cards, using everything else which is on sight already would mean everything was on one sight with minimum duplication?

  5. That may put an end to attending matches for us from the north east of fife tbh but we will see. As for price I have a feeling it won’t change. Will just say prices were subsided. I’m sure single game tix where about the same at the arms park

  6. My only challenge here is whether 5 – 8K will be enough for Edinburgh in the longer term – the SRU must have a plan to increase crowd numbers in the long run. Will have he just substituted over capacity for under?

  7. I think this move is long overdue. It will be good for the club and the fans to have a more manageable stadium. I speak as a Warriors fan who is used to great atmosphere at Scotstoun. I hope this works out for Edinburgh Rugby.

  8. Years ago Edinburgh played at Myreside, before the beaks thought meadowbank and murrayfield would be a good idea. I have always believed Edinburgh need a small (10k) stadium.

  9. What is the capacity of Myreside? Can’t be much more than 5000. Edinburgh played Munster there back in 2001, and the attendance was just 5400. Is that enough for the SRU? Will the adjacent cricket ground be used for parking?

  10. Edinburgh have already tried Myreside and moved to Meadowbank as it wasn’t suitable then. So what’s changed now. I remember one criticism of Myreside was the pillars in the stand obscuring some people’s viewing.

  11. Should have happened about 10 years ago!! How could the players enjoy playing in such an empty stadium?? Hopefully the smaller stadium will create some atmosphere which can only help the players!!!

  12. Useless for public transport. Means I would have to drive to get there on time. I don’t want to drive because I can’t enjoy a pint. It will inevitably cut down on that revenue source.

  13. Personally think it’s better than murrayfield but can’t help but think that accies new ground should be kept in mind when/if it’s built. Ideal setting for Friday night games and for travelling fans.

  14. If it is truly groundsharing that would entail 40+ games per season on what kind of surface? Are there not historical drainage problems?
    As an aside, how many grounds have the SRU invested in thus far?

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